Workshopping Weekdays

There's a lot of talent around the world that, in the past, would not have had a chance to rehearse, refine and perfect their virtual shows in front of a live, paying audience.

We, at the Forum Theatre, believe that performers deserve a space to "workshop" their shows where they get the same respect and support as a more seasoned performer.

This is why we created "workshopping weekdays". When you attend a workshopping weekdays performance at the Forum, you will get to see terrific performers make the transition to doing virtual shows. Because these shows are still in development, we offer a ticket price of $10 per household to watch the shows. Who knows-- maybe you will witness the next big star while they refine their virtual show right in front of your eyes!

Upcoming Performers

Virtual Performances from World-Class artists from the comfort of your home. 


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