Stefano Cavanna

About Stefano Cavanna

Stefano Cavanna, is red haired and left handed.

In Italy, where he comes from, both of them are sign of a weird parenthood with the devil. Like his… Father?


He prefers the subtlety of the words than unleashing powerful miracles.

He tells stories that speak directly to the heart of the people that listen to them.

Sometimes there is an happy ending, sometimes not, unless you do not trust him completely and put yourself into his hands (the left one is better), allowing him to guide you along the abyss. Only when the journey is over, and you have learned what you had to, you will be able to see the stars again.


Stefano Cavanna was born in Turin, a magickal city, pole both of white and black magic.

He is a storyteller bizarre magician.


He studied in London with Paul Voodini and in Las Vegas, NV, with Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger at the McBride’s Magic and Mystery School.

Over the years, he has received awards for his performances. He was the winner of the Hex Factor, held in Withby during Doomsday 2018 

He also won  the Screaming Goat Competition, held in Myrtle Beach, SC, during East Coast Spirit Session in  2020 


Almost every story he tells could be found as part of the traditions, the folklore or the real facts that happened somewhere. Really few stories are created by him because telling about those ancient traditions, or legends, or stories, is the only way to not forget our past. His style combines storytelling, magic, acting and, sometimes, live music played with his flutes. This happens because one day he met a Piper… But that is another story...

About the Show

The 24th of February, 1958. A phone call at the newspaper "La Stampa" in Turin, Italy. "I have killed a man near the river Po"

*click*. That's it.

From that moment on, the industrial, yet quiet Italian city, will live days of terror under the shadow of this mysterious murderer.

Letters sent to the police and the local newspapers, riddles to be solved, a murderer that hides in the shadow, sure to have committed the perfect crime.


Will you discover who hides behind the dreadful name of "Diabolich"?

Backstage Pass Experience

Has your thirst for stories not extinguished yet?


What if I tell you your story?


According to the ancient Indian tradition, according to whom the Masters answered to the Students' questions by telling stories, I will answer to one of your questions using the Tarot (or another oracle, you will choose) in a totally unusual way: I will create a story according to the cards that will be drawn. If you have a deck of cards, you could do that, or I will do this for you. We will create while we speak. Abracadabra!


(Meetings will be individual and to be decided between the owners of the backstage pass and me)

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