Make your special event truly special!

Do you have a special event coming up like a birthday for someone you care about, an anniversary or a celebration of some type of milestone like a retirement, gender reveal, or graduation?

Or would you like to get a chance to interact in a fun, memorable way with family members, friends or loved ones who live far away?

If so, we at the Forum Theatre would love to help you celebrate and connect! 

Entertain in style!  We will provide a pre-show video to celebrate your special event or person, a one hour long show as well as an "after party" where we leave the room open for a half hour so you and your guests can mingle once the show is over. 


For a party of up to 20 households

$597 US for a 10 minute pre-show video, the performance and after party

$797 US  for a 20 minute pre-show video, the performance and after party

$997  US for a 30 minute pre-show video, the performance and after party

If you would like to have a larger party or have a special request, get a quote



How it works


Choose A Performer

Have a look at our special event performers and  let us know your preferences.

We reach out to the performers to see who is available on the date/time of your event. We will do this in the order of your preference so you have a better chance at getting your first pick


We Invite Guests and make commemorative video 

we collect from you the names and email addresses of the people you will have attending.We send invitations  to your guests with all the info they need to access the event and we ask them to send us a video message for the special person. We create a special pre-show video that includes all of the video birthday wishes as well as any photos, video clips etc. you want us to include*. We give you this video the day of the event as a way to commemorate the event.

* There may be limits to the number of video messages we can fit into the video


You Just show up and have fun!

The night of the event, we run the pre-show video as well as the performance-- The shows are interactive and a lot of fun! You get to see these world class performers up close and personal and interact with them in a way that wasn't possible in a  brick and mortar theatre. You and your guests just have to show up and have fun!

Here is a sample of a pre-show we made for a performer who was performing for us on his birthday.

Just one example of what is possible. 

To get started planning your special event, contact us 

Our special event performers


Virtual Performances from World-Class artists from the comfort of your home. 


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