Sonia Selbie

About Sonia Selbie

This Little Lady with the Big Voice and infectious personality is consistently proving to be a popular entertainer engaging cruise audiences with her fun, fast and unique performances.


From “Patsy Cline’ to the heartbreaking “Adele” Her hysterical twist on “Meghan Trainor” and her memorable power house vocals covering music by “Heart” & “Annie Lennox”  Sonia’s dynamic voice allows her repertoire to cover every genre and era of music imaginable, and she fills it with endless energy and laughter!


The great “Shirley Jones” said “I cheered so loud, Some pipes kid”


Not just a superb singer, it’s Sonia’s “gift of the gab” that makes her stand out from the rest!

So, It is no wonder that she is as a recipient of the  “Most Promising Newcomer” and “Artist of the Year” awards by M.E.C.C.A.                                                                                                                                                                               An Entertainer in the truest sense of the word! Sonia was featured in “The Atlantic” in Liverpool, and has opened for great artists such as,

Ben Vereen, Edwin Starr & The Drifters.


A career scanning 40 years! Sonia burst onto UK TV screens and Theatre stages as one of “Ken Dodd’s Diddymen” at the gorgeous age of 7. She has performed with some of the most recognized artists of our time in Pantomime, Musicals, Television and most notably with the “Kirov Opera Company” She also took the prime leading lady position in the UK                                      Theatre tour of “Mad about the Musicals”                                  


Most recently she released her first studio Album “The Other Side of Me” in relationship with Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The album was tailor made for the charity and is a very popular and touching album to share with her audiences across the world. 


Sonia, is definitely a rare stone, her ability to take the stage and demand and audience to watch is a gift, she shines there and it is evident she belongs there…

A wonderful act and the consummate performer

Join her…..laugh with her….Journey with her


"I was cheering, Some Pipes Kid!, The next time they plan to revive Gypsy RUN to the audition"

Shirley Jones & Marty Ingles -  Princess Cruises


"The Princess Theater Featured the Song Stylings of Sonia Selbie, I chose her concert and it was dynamite!"

Passporter Boards 


"The headliner at tonight’s show was as English female singer, Sonia Selbie. She had a great voice and personality and I thoroughly enjoyed her performance." 

Cruise Critic - Enchantment of the Seas


 "We saw a singer with such a cornucopia of talent I watched open mouthed. Sonia Selbie was amazing. I hadn't seen her before this cruise. I am sorry for that. I could have watched her more than the two times she was on. If you ever get the chance to see her don't miss it. She reminded me very much of Judy Garland at times. What a talent!"

Cruise Critic - MS Rotterdam


The entertainment has also been better than expected. Last night a British woman, Sonia Selbie, vocally imitated the likes of Karen Carpenter, Patsy Cline, Adele, Liza Minelli, as well as doing her own version of I Dreamed a Dream, from Les Miserables. We met Sonia on the elevator earlier, and to hear her talk with her thick British accent, completely threw us off guard for what was in store for us. 

Cruise Critic


Watched a singer Sonia Selbie not once but twice! She really has a strong voice. Reminded me of Barbara Streisand when she sang

Cruise Critic


Tonight’s headliner is Sonia Selbie – a perky singer with a lot of movement and a pretty big voice. Her show was very entertaining She made her way through the audience while singing “Downtown” but her showstopper was “I Dreamed a Dream”.  Not many singers have the range and pipes to do that song but she pulled it off.


 "We had excellent entertainers, especially Sonia Selbie"Cruise Critic - Grand Princess


"Entertainment, Best guest entertainer Sonia Selbie" Cruise

Critic - Grand Princess


"Selbie has to be a name to remember"

- Stage Newspaper


"An Unexpected experience, like nothing we've ever seen before"

- Brilliance of the Seas 


"Her personality spilled past the doors, she was just so much fun we left the show very happy"

- Grand Princess

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