Nique Tan

About Nique Tan

If you think you can keep your thoughts private, then you probably have yet to meet Nique Tan: The Real Mentalist.


He is a mind reader, and has performed both locally as well as internationally; convincing his audiences everywhere that he can, quite literally, read minds.


With over two decades of professional performance experience, he currently offers a unique brand of mind reading entertainment for special events worldwide.

Tan: The Real Mentalist has amazed and entertained both local and overseas audiences with his brand of engaging mind reading performances.


As mystifying as his demonstrations may be, Nique vehemently denies having the gift of psychic ability. Instead, his work involves the subtle combination of various skill sets, which allow him to closely mimic psychic phenomena.


Highly sought after, he has also been invited to give special performances at private gatherings for local ministers and politicians, as well as for some of today's top icons and celebrities, including reading the minds of artistes such as Taiwanese pop sensation Jay Chou, as well as local singer JJ Lin.


In his inimitable style, Nique's engaging mind reading performances have been featured at many events, leaving audiences with an unforgettable experience that they will talk about long after your event.

About the Show

Come catch Nique Tan: The Real Mentalist, live at The Forum Virtual Theatre, where he will perform his show, "Nique Tan: ONLINE". 


In this show, Nique will show you how it is possible to influence and manipulate your choices right through your screen. Come participate in fun psychological games, take part in demonstrations of mind reading and influence, be part of seemingly impossible predictions and witness amazing visual illusions performed live over Zoom. 

Backstage Pass Experience

When you purchase the $50 Back Stage pass, you get to watch the show with your camera on and interact with Nique. You get to be one of the stars of the show!


Then  you will also stay back for a bit with Nique after the show. Get the chance to receive quick Tarot Card readings in an informal reading session, where he will quickly answer one question from you using single Tarot cards.


He will also personally teach you a piece of mental magic that you can perform, to amaze and entertain your friends!


""All my colleagues were extremely impressed by your performance - you were quite simply, astounding." Sharon Lim, Qiagen

"Prepare to be dumbfounded." Kenneth Loh, Chevron Phillips Chemicals Asia Pte Ltd

"Unlike ANYTHING I've ever seen. This guy has taken it to the next level."  Raymond Leong, Materials Dynamics Enterprise

"What a showman... I can see him becoming THE mind reading expert in Singapore." Yvo Goossens, President, Elect Rotary Club

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