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Nathan Coe Marsh’s blend of genuine warmth, hilarious interaction, and stunning impossibilities has taken him to 13 countries. Nathan’s work has been seen on NBC, CBS, FOX, and on Penn & Teller’s prime time TV series Fool Us.


He has entertained in venues as diverse as the private yacht of an NFL team owner, to the Top of the World club in Thule, Greenland, to the iconic Magic Castle in Hollywood, to performances in French Polynesia, the Mexican Riviera, Central America, the mountains of Banff, and the Caribbean.


His corporate event performances led Event Solutions magazine to name him a finalist for “Entertainer of the Year,” while MAGIC Magazine described his work as “a breath of fresh air.” In addition to performing, he is a columnist for Genii, the leading trade journal for serious magicians.


“Incredible! Absolutely amazing’”  Alyson Hannigan, How I Met Your Mother, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

“I was absolutely blown away, and I am not an easy person to amaze or to please for that matter. I have seen a lot, and you are one of the best acts going on…creative, funny, entertaining, and clever” Patti Palmer, President, Innovative Planners

Nathan Coe Marsh is a talented and professional entertainer. He is smooth, personable, comical, and a great performer for any age audience. His close-up magic is flawless and captivating. As a professional entertainer, he was great to work with. He worked well directly with the client, with fellow performers, and with Production Management. Doing a live show in an outdoor venue in the heat of the Gulf Coast summer, I had to make some last minute stage direction and event production calls. And Nathan was flexible and knowledgeable in what needed to be done to maintain the level of performance that I expected of him. And he always delivered. Great show. Great performance. Engaging act. Topical and funny content. A true professional. And a joy to work with. Five stars !!! Mark Dean, President, Maingate Talent


“We had more than 850 attendees and they were completely captivated by Nathan. Not only did he perform terrific magic but he was also our emcee for a 2 hour plus event. Nathan was professional, creative and made our event easy to manage and seamless to execute. I would highly recommend him.”Jamie Harden, President and CEO, Creative Sign 

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