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About Ming Da

Ming Da is an award-winning international Magician with a witty and fun-loving personality.


He was the 1st runner-up of “Singapore’s 1st Street Magic Competition” organized by the Singapore Flyer in 2009 and also the winner of the “Audience’s Favourite Award”.


In 2017, Ming Da was invited to compete in Asia’s biggest TV Magic Competition “The GrandMaster Asia” on SCTV, Indonesia, and emerged as a top 5 finalist.

Ming Da’s performances have been featured on Singapore’s media, such as Mediacorp channel U’s “Let’s Talk” and Sinema.sg’s online series “M For Mag ic”, and numerous printed media.


He is also known as the “V.I.P magician” , performing for local artistes, delegates and high commissioners from around the world in Singapore, and celebrities such as football stars Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville.


He has also developed contents and starred in his very own online magic series, “Black Magic”, through collaboration with JTV and J Team productions, executive produced by Singapore director Jack Neo.


Ming Da is also the magic consultant for the 2018 Mediacorp LOVE97.2 FM Musical “Heroes”, devising solutions for the “Superhero powers” and choreography on stage.

As a performer, Ming Da has established himself as one of the fastest rising stars in Singapore magic and highly sought after by big corporations for their corporate and Gala events. He is also one of the busiest and best close up magicians in Singapore, working multiple residencies weekly.


Ming Da’s experience goes beyond entertaining the local crowd. He was the first Singaporean magician to bring his one-man show to The Casablanca Variété Theatre in Amsterdam and the first international guest performer at the Amsterdam Magic Show. He is also the first Singaporean magician to perform at the prestigious Illusions Magic Bar in Bristol, UK and received raving reviews for his performances.


Ming Da is also the youngest Singaporean magician to have done a performance tour in The United States of America, performing in major cities like Chicago, New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, entertaining audiences internationally. In 2019, he became the youngest Singaporean magician to headline at the Close up gallery at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, LA.

In 2017, Ming Da organised a series of formal close up shows “Magic After Hours” and “Cocktail Magic” to Singapore and received great reviews.

Witty, clever, engaging and supremely entertaining, Ming Da’s unique internationally-appealing performances can be presented effectively in English, Mandarin or bilingually.Whether it is an intimate surprise wedding, a fundraising benefit, a corporate party , networking session or a product launch: Ming Da’s participation will always enhance the experience and will never detract.

Ming Da is also a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 115 (IBM Ring 115) in Singapore.


“Ming Da is part of the new generation of magicians. His passion for magic is clear and it’s clear this passion has propelled him to be a top-notch and highly skilled magician and performer” Jonathan Levit, Actor and Magic Consultant


“Ming performed some of the best close-up magic that I have ever seen. Wildly entertaining!”

Dan Neary Vice President of Asia Pacific, Facebook

“Ming Da and his team were amazing! Not only were they super talented, funny and loaded with stunning tricks but they were a blast to work with as well. Performing for over 1000 diplomats, politicians and Singapore’s finest isn’t an easy task, but watching Ming Da and his team do it you’d think otherwise. All night long, and for days to follow, we heard hilarious stories and accolades about Ming Da and his team. Thanks for making our 4th of July event magical!”

Piper, J. Scott
U.S. Embassy in Singapore

Corporate Clients

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