Lawrence Larouche

About Lawrence Larouche

Lawrence received formal training in both the performing and visual arts at John Abbot Collage and Nova Scotia Collage of Art & Design.

Several years after their graduation, Lawrence and his partner Cynthia decided to combine their skills to create a magical production called Vision Impossible. The show was an outright success, as was their personal relationship and in 1987 they were married. They spent the next 5 years performing within the corporate market until the summer of 93, when a telephone call initiated a once in a life time opportunity to work with magician David Copperfield.


During the three week magical adventure across Canada, Lawrence and Cynthia learned a lot about what it took to sustain a large-scale production while on the road. The experience inspired them to expand their own magical production and branch out into the festival and special events arena.

They created an elaborate and colourful production, which could be performed outside, without any technical enhancements such as lighting or fog machines. The colourful sets, costumes and of course the illusions were received by out-door audiences with overwhelming enthusiasm and MAJINX went on to be a popular attraction in festivals and celebrations across the country.

In 1999 they competed in the Canadian Championships of Magic and walked away with first prize.

In the summer of 2000 while performing on the International Show Place stage at Paramount Canada’s Wonderland, they decided to incorporate their children into the act. Audiences became fascinated by the fact that it was a real family on stage performing spectacular illusions. Eventually more illusions were designed with the children in mind and MAJINX evolved into the perfect family production suitable for all ages.

Within the walls of the MAJINX Magical Workshop, Lawrence designs and builds some of the most innovative magical effect in the business.

About the Show:

VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE is a fully interactive experience presented by master magician and mentalist Lawrence Larouche. 

Pour yourself a drink and pull up a chair and prepare to be amazed!

Imagine sharing a screen with a man who can pluck thoughts out of your mind like rabbits out of a hat. As members of the virtual audience, you will be invited into the Factory Fantastic… a secret facility where magical props are constructed for magicians around the world. Once inside, you will partake in the vast array of strange and magical experiments that will leave you spellbound. Each step you take down the rabbit hole, will awaken something within you that has been left behind on the way to adulthood… the sense of astonishment and wonder.

From large-scale illusion to close-up miracles to mind-reading… VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE is the ultimate experience in virtual magic and mentalism.

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