Magical Kat and Nat

About Kat 

" Katrina is a pro. I’ve worked on stage with her, improvising magic in an impossible situation and we killed it. She crushed it. I’ll go into showbiz battle with her by my side any day! “ -Penn Jillette (Penn and Teller)

Katrina Kroetch has performed all over the world in Africa, India, Europe, Mexico and America. She is a volunteer and advocate with Magicians Without Borders, a member of the International touring show “Champions of Magic“ and an award winning female magician.

She’s the winner of the Zauberchlect (Magic Slam) award in Munich, Germany and is one of the youngest members of the Woman’s Magicians Association. She is a graduate student of magic at the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood, and winner of the “Ace of Entertainers award” from Performer’s University.

She (along with Nathaniel) won first place at AbraCORNdabara’s virtual magic contest in May 2020 and despite our changing world she continues to dazzle audiences with her interactive virtual magic shows.

She was recently Featured on Penn and Teller Fool Us season 7 episode 11 and was also featured in an article about professional women in magic in the Washington Post which you can read here.

About Nat 

Magical Nathaniel is a 26-year-old award winning San Francisco Bay Area based magician who has been wowing audiences of all kinds for over a decade!


After seeing 'The World's Greatest Magic' on TV at the age of three, he has been passionate about magic ever since.


He has a degree from UC Berkeley in applied math and theater, is the past president of the Oakland Magic Circle, and currently a published full time magician who performs hundreds of shows and teaches magic all over the Bay Area! He now offers all performance options online.

About the Show

Are you tired of being bored at home and watching reruns of old shows? Well so are Katrina and Nathaniel! After many months of being stuck together inside, this magical duo has had enough! -Enough of not performing that is (But also each other). 


Join Nathaniel and Katrina  as they try do what every other magician is doing -but different. Unlike other virtual magic shows you’ve seen there are two magicians instead of one! - and that’s two more magicians than anyone ever wants. 


This show has it all; magic, juggling, comedy, live animals, and a good chance nobody will get hurt. 


Support the arts and watch an interactive show all from the comfort of your home. Buy your tickets now! You don’t even have to wear pants! 

Backstage Pass Experience

When you purchase the $50 Back Stage pass, you get to watch the show with your camera on and interact with Kat and Nat! You get to be one of the stars of the show! Then stick around because Katrina and Nathaniel will be teaching incredible magic that you can do with materials that you can find around the house! Wow your friends and family with these fun and easy tricks! Make your friends jealous that they didn't get VIP tickets and sign up today!

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