About Darus

Darus is an Italian professional mentalist, out of the ordinary, who operates in the market of events and corporate training.

For over 20 years he has been committed to emotionally involving and rationally upsetting his audience around the world.

He loves to connect with people and share emotions related to the mystery and power of the mind.


Darus was the  first mentalist in the world to create a show for the Airbnb Experience that has been awarded by Airbnb as the "Most Unique Experience" in the world in 2018.

About the Show

The Italian Mentalist's Mysteries house 

A magic journey, starting from a real Florentine house, located in the Renaissance heart of Florence. 
An interactive show, fun and full of surprises. Suitable for the whole family.
Through Dante's Divine Comedy, you will be the protagonists of a unique show, made of spiritic manifestations, between Hell, Purgatory and Paradise, living strange psychic phenomena and extraordinary abilities of the human mind..
Live comfortably from your sofa, a trip into Italian culture and mentalism. Darus will tell you secret anecdotes related to Florence and Dante Alighieri through the mystery.
To fully enjoy the whole experience, all you need is a few blank sheets of paper and a marker pen.

Back Stage Pass Experience

When you purchase the $50 Backstage Pass ticket, you will stick around after the show for an exclusive offer from Darus.

If  you want Darus to touch your soul through words, this is a great opportunity.
The Italian mentalist will tell you things he could not know, he will perceive your own feelings in a romantic, mysterious, magical and unforgettable experience.
A unique and original way to share emotions and listen to the answers to questions and concerns you may have.
Darus will be able to tell things about your personality, your past, present and future in an engaging, mysterious and conversational style.


Ronnie Johansson –  CEO at Husse – Stockholm:

Mickey Feming – Country Manager Europe – American International Industries

Lars Larsson Qaddoum –  Chief Training Officer – JS World Media

Mr Manmeet Chhabra –  Head Spare parts, Network & Business development at Mahindra Europe srl

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