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About Daniel Ka

Daniel Ka redefines the way your senses perceive.


Ka first came to recognition in his home of Spain when he wowed audiences during the semi-finals of the premiere season of Spain’s Got Talent.


Since then he has toured the world, performing in over 40 different countries on theatres, cruise ships, festivals, TV and events; winning several awards in his homeland, as well as France, Portugal and Holland.


In addition to touring, Daniel Ka has created and designed numerous original illusions now performed by other professional magicians.

Ka’s newest show "Reality is Just an Illusion" is a high impact performance incorporating his background in drama, music and dance. Available in either a large illusion show or fly-on act format, Ka’s impressive poly-linguistic skills enable him to offer full shows in English, Spanish or Japanese, and it can even be performed 100% visual. With an act so versatile Ka’s show is in high demand with an astoundingly diversified group of audiences spanning many cultures and continents.

Ka's virtual magic and mentalism show "Feel The Magic"  is fully interactive and gives Daniel Ka the opportunity to engage with his audience, the stars of the show, allowing them to feel the magic in the palm of their hands.

Feel The Magic aims to provide an unforgettable experience and gives you the chance to bring your loved ones together on a lighter, fun note. A virtual shows that connects directly with them, bringing astonishment, laughter and joy to their living rooms  anywhere in the world. 


  • 1st Place Stage Magic 2009. Magic Valongo (Portugal).

  • 3rd Place General Magic. Spain National Championship. Barcelona, 2007.

  • 3rd Place Illusions. Spain National Championship. A Coruña, 2011.

  • Special Award. French National Convention (Affap). Arcachón 2006.

  • The only Spanish magician in the Dutch National Convention competing for the Hans Klok trophy. Haarlem (Holland), 2007.

  • The only magician who made it to the semifinals in the premiere of Spain´s “Got Talent”. Cuatro TV.

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MAGIC - Digital Download / Versión Digital

Aprende a sorprender con juegos de magia fáciles e impactantes.

Amaze others by learning these easy to do, powerful magic tricks.



ENGLISH - ESPAÑOL - 日本語 (100% visual instructions)

About 1 hour with more than 20 magic tricks explained.

Alrededor de 1 hora con más de 20 juegos de magia explicados.


Puedes verlo online o descargarlo para poder disfrutar de ello en cualquier momento. Esta opción no incluye el DVD físico.

Watch online or download it and enjoy it anytime you want. This option doesn't include the actual DVD.


Elige "Descarga Directa" en el método de envío al finalizar tu pedido.

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El 100% de las ventas de la versión digital del DVD irá destinado a la compra de comida para familas afectadas por el coronavirus. A través de la fundación "Cocina Económica Santander".

100% of online sales from the DVD Digital Download will go towards purchasing food to help families affected by the Covid-19 virus, through the Spanish Foundation "Cocina Económica Santander".


Historia / Story

Después de que nuestros amigos y fans nos lo pidieran, finalmente hemos decidido lanzar nuestra edición limitada de camisetas inspiradas en el escenario.

Hemos contado con los diseñadores locales y amigos Vito&Willy y nuestro artista de serigrafía para ofrecerte una camiseta de algodón 100% orgánico y un acabado artesanal.

After numerous requests from our friends and fans around the world, we've finally decided to release our stage inspired limited edition t-shirts.

We've teamed up with local designer and friend Vito&Willy and our serigraphy artist to give you a 100% organic cotton handmade t-shirt.

Comes in male and female sizes

Fan Pack (DVD + T-shirt)


Agrega una nota al finalizar el pedido especificando el color (blanco o negro), el modelo (chico o chica) y la talla (S,M,L,XL). Si no disponemos de stock nos pondremos en contacto contigo para devolverte el dinero de tu pedido.


Add a note at checkout specifying the colour (black or white), the model (male or female) and the size (S,M,L,XL). If your selection is out of stock we will contact you and you'll be refunded.

DK Set de Magia / Magic Kit

Set de magia de Daniel Ka. Con más de 12 juegos de magia sorprendentes en su interior.

Este kit incluye todo lo necesario para realizar algunos de los trucos de magia más populares: cubiletes, el vaso y la bola, atraviesa la moneda, aros telequinéticos, visión rayos X,... Incluye instrucciones (en español e inglés) detalladas y libro de regalos con más de 50 juegos de magia fáciles de realizar.

Es un juego que estimula la imaginación, la habilidad y el ingenio de los niños a la vez que se divierten.

A partir de 7 años.

CE: Certificado de Conformidad y Calidad.


Daniel Ka Deluxe Magic Kit with more than 12 easy magic tricks inside.

This Magic Kit includes some of the most popular tricks for ages 7 and up. Cups and Balls, Ball Vase, Magic Penny to Dime and Shrinking Penny, Sliced Rope, X-Ray Vision, Coin Case, Spike the Coin, Obedient Ball, Telekinetic Rings and Ring and Spring. Includes instruction booklet and bonus 50 tricks booklet (in English and Spanish). The products are organized in a plastic tray inside the full color box.

CE: Certificate of Quality and Conformity.

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