Damien James

About Damien James

His interest in magic started when he was six after his mother bought him a simple Magic Book. Later that same year, Damien James received a Tommy Talker ( pull-string dummy) from the Sears Christmas catalogue… a present his parents (we mean Santa Claus) regret to this day! 


He is a graduate of The Maher School of Ventriloquism & was the youngest person ever to win the coveted ‘Ventriloquist of the Year’ Award at The Magic Capitol of the World Convention.

Damien creates all of his new characters and in his spare time and also works as a special effects artist for film and TV. He is a current student of Academy Award-Winning Special Effects guru, Dick Smith and his behind the scenes work can be seen on many TV shows as well as several features on the big screen.

Damien is the only ventriloquist to Fool Penn & Teller!

Damien James has been featured on many other several television shows with his ventriloquism, including: Comedy at Club 54 (syndicated stand-up Comics series) Elvira Kurt Adventures in Comedy (The Comedy Network) Real Life Stories (LIFE Network) Final Cut (YTV) and more. He is currently designing a show combining Special Effects movie technology and high tech puppetry and animatronics with the ancient art of Ventriloquism.

Damien has won several major awards for his excellence in performance and is a popular, repeat comedy act with corporations, associations, and social events.  Damien won the Guinness World Record for the Longest Stand Up SHow IN History and was a gold medal winner  at the  Pacific Coast Championship of Magic


" I Love Him! One Of The Best Acts We've Seen Today!" Simon Cowell Britain's Got Talent

"You FOOLED Us!" Penn and Teller, Penn and Teller "Fool Us"

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