Ben Sleight

About Ben Sleight

Ben Sleight started magic at the age of eleven and has practiced it on a daily basis ever since.

Ben Sleight was a very shy boy from childhood and found it difficult to communicate with others. Inspired by other
artists, he saw magic as an opportunity to get in touch with others, but without using many words.


He practiced obsessively on various techniques until he finally took his portrayal on the street to amaze people.


Due to the good response from his audience, he decided to go one level deeper and dedicated himself additionally to acting and hypnosis.


The ultimate goal is always to refine his art to such an extent that it inspires and captivates the audience every day .

Well, after more than nine years of intensive experience, Ben can call himself the winner of the Hungarian Magic Grand Prix 2018, the winner of the Magic Days, the Salzburg Magic Slam 2018 and various guest appearances.

At the end of 2018 it was broadcast on Austrian television together with Johnny Diablo.

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