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About Alain Nu 

Be amazed by Alain Nu and experience a show designed to illustrate how connected we are despite the current circumstances. Minds will be read, futures foretold, synchronicities revealed! You might even find yourself bending one of your own kitchen spoons.  

Alain Nu, "The Man Who Knows," is an international performance artist and an entertaining man of mystery. He is a mind­reader, a visionary of the future, and a "you have to see it to believe it" sort of guy.

He has starred in his own four-part miniseries for the TLC network, "The Mysterious World Of Alain Nu," and has authored two books ("State Of Mind" and "Picture Your ESP"), available on Amazon.

Highlights of his career include headlining at theaters, casinos such as Caesars Palace Las Vegas, and the Norwegian Getaway cruise ship. Nu has performed for presidents (including both of Barack Obama's Inaugural Balls), politicians, royalty, and other ambassadors/world leaders.

Most recently, Nu has been a headliner at the OYO Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas (temporarily on hiatus during the pandemic shutdown).

OPTIONAL for participants to have on hand during the show: 

A deck of cards

Pen and paper 

few teaspoons (not the good silver)


"Mr. Nu does both telepathy and telekinesis and makes it both entertaining and informative.  His telepathy is not "slick" but still pretty good.  But the real "wow" to his show is the telekinesis.  I sat in the front row and watched him move the pen, stop the movement, then make it fall.  From about 2-3' away I watched the spoon both bend and twist itself, and he did it while the spoon was in the hands of a volunteer, and I held the spoon myself afterward and it was a real spoon.  But the best was having Mr. Nu open a Coke can, pour a drink for me and another volunteer, crush the can and then UNCRUSH the can and seal it and then re-open it and pour another drink.  And I watched the dent go out of the can, leaving a line on it for a minute and then the line disappeared, so it wasn't like he substituted another can, either.  All this while he's standing right next to me with the can at arm's length.  Everybody saw this and was amazed.  Either telekinesis or the best magic sleight of hand I've ever seen." John S. Las Vegas


"We saw him before on the Norwegian break away.. he is the man of mystery. We purchased a package of tickets and this was an unexpected surprise (Oyo pass). My husband is the typical computer guy and loves to be entertained with puzzles. He enjoys magicians and math... I just enjoy the puzzles without trying to figure out it how. It's just a fun time out." Deedriza

"Great show! Alain is very engaging and entertaining. My husband is a skeptic about everything and was a minor (reluctant) participant in the show, but his view has changed now. Seriously, go see Alain if you can. You’ll be amazed" Karine

Very enjoyable. The Mentalist but with a personality and wit. Loved it. He was human, magic and intelligent. The show flowed smoothly and I was amazed at many of his feats. Really enjoyed it. A great 60-minute if not longer show. Afterwards he took the time to sign his books and pose for pictures with the audience. Great person and lovely performance. Sam Hendrix UK

I had the chance to see Alain Nu “The Man Who Knows “ in Las Vegas. He is absolutely incredible man, fascinating yet kind and humble. His show will astound you. I was somewhat of a skeptic never believed in hypnosis however I have definitely changed my way of thinking. I had the amazing opportunity to be on stage at his show (which I had hoped I wouldn’t be a participant! ) but it was the most amazing experience and I’m so happy and grateful I was able to be a part of it. He is truly out of this world!!!

The show is very small and intimate but highly entertaining. My mom and sister had an incredible and very memorable time. I highly recommend you check it out!!

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Alain Nu, The Man Who Knows, Reveals The Secrets of Mind Over Matter 


What is mentalism? Is it a power or a trick? Unprecedented man of mystery Alain Nu says that mentalism focuses on our mind’s amazing powers… and are powers that you can explore in great depth!


Alain Nu reveals a rarely-openly-discussed understanding regarding the fascinating world of mentalism, which amazingly wraps into history, science, skepticism and even genuinely strange phenomenon.

He shares the insights of psychic entertainer Uri Geller, introduces you to compelling scientific research on mind over matter and introduces new understanding of human potential. "State Of Mind” offers you the opportunity to prove to yourself an invisible cosmic connection that will give you the power to project or predict the future, or even to truly read people’s minds while connecting with mathematical interpretations and other-worldly cosmic dimensions. Impossible, you say? Well, prepare to open your mind. Experience the secrets of mind over matter… the impossible made possible! “

How psychic are you? Now you can test your own sense of psychic awareness - and you may just possibly amaze yourself!

"Picture Your ESP! - Reveal Your Hidden Powers With The Nu ESP Test" is authored by international television mentalist Alain Nu, The Man Who Knows(tm).


Star of the TLC network specials "The Mysterious World of Alain Nu," this unprecedented man of mystery has entertained audiences worldwide with his untold powers to foretell actions, reveal unspoken thoughts and create seemingly impossible phenomena.


Over the past hundred years, major scientific laboratories have conducted research with stringent double-blind studies that have resulted in an interesting finding: We have an innate ability to manifest outcomes, predict future events, and receive telepathic information at an overall success rate that is, simply-put, above chance expectation. Interestingly this unique ability has remained consistent.


What could this be? What could this mean? Could this be real? Can one hone this ability towards something that is practiced and developed?


There's no better way to test this theory than to just try it! Alain Nu has specifically created 30 photographic "psychic-challenges" to develop and stretch the limits of your subconscious-sensitivity.


While giving you immediate feedback and a way of thinking that opens you up to a different way of using your mind, you can now explore and adjust this nature within yourself. It's easy, it's playful, and it can be quite astonishing if you take the test as directed! In only 90-minutes with The Nu ESP Test and at far less than the cost of a visit to a psychic, you'll experience a paranormal journey into your mind filled with self-discovery, intuitive insights and ESPecially revealing results!

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